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Candles by JAI

I'm a candle maker working to create the best smelling candles in the world.  This is a small home based business located in Louisville, Ky.  I started making candles with patience, care, and love in 2021.  Now my hobby has turned into a business and thanks to the support of family and friends, it is growing!

The "best smelling candles in the world" is the goal.  I guarantee that you will love our products.  We test many flavors and only the strongest and best smelling make the cut. We make all our candle products with a soy blend wax that burns clean and smells great.

We offer special deals and discounts for Local Pick Up and we have new flavors not available on our website. You can schedule an appointment to come visit The Candle Lounge and smell all of our 40+ Flavors,  and also new flavors not available on the website.

You can also stop by and check us out "live" at a Pop Up Event.

Come Smell Me!

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